Natural environment protection

     Many of the adhesive sealants available in the market which may be described as being competitive to JOD 32, contain ingredients that may be considered harmful to the environment. Most usually, their production is based on polysulfide components, modified chemical and mineral substances, as well as on modified iron ores. Such products are harmful for human health because of heavy metal and polysulfide components contained in them. The production technology, at the production of JOD 32 adhesive sealants,  utilized by GRAN POLYCHEM made it possible for heavy metal contents to be eliminated. Our full-circle production cycle is helpful in retaining low by-product emission levels. Our production process fulfils the highest technological and ecological norms by means of utilizing materials of the so-called “green chemistry”. These products do not contain volatile substances, heavy metals or solvents, thanks to which they do not give off harmful fumes.