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 GRAN POLICHEM is the producer of polyurethane systems that are used in many branches of industry, and especially for the production of  insulated glass units, with the commercial name JOD32. Learn more about our business and the products offered by us.

We are pleased to inform you that due to the development of our company, since 14th March, 2013 GRAN POLSKA Sroka&Sroka Sp. Jawna, has changed its legal form and name for GRAN Polychem Ltd. Share capital: PLN 3 770 000,00 (paid in full). Location of the company headquarters was moved to the following address:

GRAN Polychem Ltd..
Machowa 160A
39-220 Pilzno
NIP: 872-302-52-53

Please change the data in issuing VAT invoices. Other details do not change! From 14 March 2013, all correspondence should be directed to the above address.