About us

GRAN POLSKA Sroka&Sroka Sp. Jawna was founded as a privately held company in 2004, by two brothers; Andrzej and Grzegorz Sroka. From the very beginning the management of the GRAN POLSKA company stressed the importance of implementation of innovative solutions based on world-class technologies and raw materials. In 2013, as a result of business development, the Company has changed its legal form and name for GRAN Polychem Ltd.

A considerable part of the Company’s investments, co-financed both with EU subsidies as well as financial contributions into the founding of the Chemical Company resulted in the creation of a modern base of equipment and machinery for the production of polyurethane systems, which are used in many branches of industry and especially for the production of insulated glass units with the market name JOD 32. We are very careful about the quality of our products and that is why we keep investing into the development of infrastructure and the laboratory. This enables us to conduct research that resulted in the implementation of the most recent technology, and enabled continuous quality control over our products.

The company holds patent rights for the production of eco-friendly, mercury-free adhesive sealants, also with the use of vegetable oil esters.

The hard core of our Company’s personnel consists of young, well educated, passionate people, who are additionally supported by the Company owners’ experience.